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Friday, May 4, 2012

Fire Emblem

hello people the is the jay-meister here to tell you the best of the best game reviews.  today i will be taking a step towards strategy rather then RPG's. today's game is Fire emblem a game really worth talking about that could influence your thinking and strategy based minds. remember final fantasy well that game had a spin-off called final fantasy: tactics. i know what your thinking and no this is not where im starting im starting here

back long-ago in a time they called the 80's they had a thing called the NES but in japan it was called the famicom which is a combo between family and computer; and there was a game called ファイアーエムブレム
and it was a huge hit about until 2006 when it was released in America following the lead of pokemon and final fantasy on the gba. although it wasn't that well known there are some true believers in the franchise as it lives on here today. currently i only have two of them for the GBA and WII.  in my days as a gamer i have to admit that it is one of my favorite games to date and would show up on any top ten list i could make.

the game uses a mechanic that makes a character that is dead stay dead. it is also quite challenging to make them not die. over all i would give this game a 8/10
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mother 3

hello and good afternoon interwebs dis is the ninjaburger review where i Jayson Horton review some stuffs for you so lets begin. now i want you to know that i am a huge RPG fan and i have literally almost every Zelda game. but what i want to highlight is a game that has passed over a lot of RPG fans heads. this is mother three.

this is a heartfelt Rpg full of awesome enemies, dialogue, and story. remember that ness clone from brawl. well hes actually not a Ness clone. He is just from the same series and is the main character of this game and they demanded that they put him in brawl in japan.    


and this game is available to you if you have an eBay account........ and know Japanese. you see this game is not actually in English it was translated by a group of mother fans that wanted to see this game written and in English. the thing of the matter is that this game is exclusive to a GBA emulator. and i should probably tell you if you want to play this game its not illegal to play a game that is exclusive to an emulator.

if you want a more detailed look at the game  then you should probably check out some lets players just to name a few chuggaaconroy and nintendocaprisun both did an excellent job playing through the game.
so my overall review of this game given the circumstances i would give this game 10/10 there are no flaws to this game with its hilarity and awesome music and epic stoty and some of my favorite  characters ever.

                                                              I ♥ kumatora 4ever

this game is one of my favorites and i approve this message